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Famous Spell Ingredients

Odds are you've heard of ingredients such as Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog but are they really used as magical components in witches' spells? The answers may surprise you! Or at least give you a weird topic of conversation next time you need one.

Let’s explore a few famous key ingredients commonly known in witches’ spells and see how many you’ve been using without your knowledge!

Eye of Newt

Tongue of Dog

Adder’s Fork

And Toe of Frog

You may have heard of these ingredients and even passed them off as fiction. But, do real witches use eye of newt? (Poor blind newts!) The answer is YES! (Oh...poor blind newts!) But Eye of Newt is something you most likely have even used yourself, witch or no. It’s mustard seed! Not only is it a yummy flavor, it is one of the oldest known ingredients included in good luck amulets as well as those for protection. Black mustard seeds are used to cast a spell of strife, confusion, and discord.

What about Tongue of Dog? (Don’t you have one?) Tongue of Dog is really the petals of a Hounds Tongue flower. If you really look at it, it does look like a puppy tongue! Legend says if the leaves are laid under the feet, it prevents dogs from barking. Hence the name.

Keeping with the 'tongue theme'...Adders Fork is not the tongue of an actual snake. (...and the snakes thank you!) Adders Fork is actually the plant Adders Tongue. Which all in all is a pretty cool looking fern. Magical uses include purification, prophetic dreams, healing, love, friendships and fidelity. Don’t you feel good just talking about it? Ancient herbalists also believed it would cure snake bite. I’m not willing to test that theory! (Sorry, YouTube!) Oh! To continue this plant’s diversity in uses, it is said to aid in the, uh, 'Lust' department. So there you go.

Adder's Fork

And Toe of Frog? (So many animal parts!) Toe of Frog is actually...Buttercup! A divinely golden yellow flower, it is said to restore your inner child. Awwww. And don’t forget buttercups all-knowing magical prediction properties! Does someone like BUTTER? Hold the flower under the chin for that tell-tale glow if they do!

We will round out this list with one of my favorite ingredients: Wool of Bat. What is it? Holly Leaves! Known for its magical protective properties, you’ll find holly planted by cottage doors and gateways. Branches are hung for prickly protection around animal pens to keep wild threats and evil spirits away.

Curious about other ingredients you've heard of? Odds are there are explanations for those as well! As a side note, I love this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The days get shorter, the nights longer, and the air chillier! To celebrate this Halloween season for you, I have a cauldron full of witchy, spooky, fun videos to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube so you don't miss one magical moment!

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