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Signs You Are an Amazing Witch

Do you ever wonder if you are a witch? The skills listed here are a few of the fundamentals that make an individual an amazing witch. Whether you are a baby witch or a wizened one beyond your years, some witches and magick workers have these traits in common. It’s human nature to question ourselves and look for outside confirmation even when we already know something with our deepest heart. Or sometimes, it’s just fun to have an introspective conversation! So today, let’s discuss what skills help make you an amazing witch.

Empathic abilities: Can you read the room and pin down the vibe just by stepping into it? Can you sense your friend's feelings, as if they were your own, just by sitting near them? Being in touch with the natural energy flows of the world helps you understand and aid the world around you. You can rely on your own empathic gifts to support you and care for those who are important to you.

Do you have an open mind? Are you curious and inquisitive? So much magic in the world cannot be seen. If you can trust in forces outside the material world, and deeply know there are more answers to be found outside of the five senses, will you be more attuned to psychic phenomenon, healing abilities, and spellcasting. Why? Because a doubtful, closed mind will block any ability you might possess. So many metaphysical conceptions are not supported by conventional proof. If you want to explore subjects such as scrying, astral projection, energy healing, even simple spell work all require an open mind and heart. Which leads to another wonderful skill to have:

Self-Confidence and Self Support. You don’t need the security of being told what to believe and what rules to follow. You trust yourself and know that some knowledge just comes from within.

Another skill that really makes you an amazing witch is having a deep affinity for nature. You care for plants, you sense the energy and connect with animals, you care for humankind, and you feel attuned to the lunar cycles and the changing seasons. Do you feel the vibrational energy of crystals and sense the life force of everything around you? Seek this out and playfully explore it. Because the more you do, the more you are connected and understand that everything is part of this rich tapestry. That you are a child of the world you live in and you also want to be a steward of this precious life you are a part of and you respect it.

Are you drawn to divination? Not everyone is and that’s okay. But developing skills to communicate with unseen forces through Tarot, pendulums, and spirit boards may be an avenue to develop other skills mentioned above. Of course do your research to practice divination safely and on your own terms.

This may seem rooted in boring everyday life but how focused are you? Can you visualize your wants and desires clearly? Can you hold a single thought in your head without distraction or mentally wandering off? The ability to focus mental thought and intent are so important to being an amazing witch. These are manifestation skills. Very fundamental to influencing your world around you. You cannot will something into being with a wavering thought and a lukewarm emotion behind it. Practice meditation to clear your mind and ground your focus. Meditation also helps with emotional perspective and removing past blockages and aids in spiritual growth.

So these are just a few of the fundamental skills that make you an amazing witch. They are also very good indicators that you are a witch and you may not have known it. Develop these skills. Support yourself and rely on them.

Have other ideas I didn’t cover? Let me know! I love a good conversation. Also, please like, share, and subscribe on YouTube and to this blog. This is a fairly new channel so your actions absolutely make a difference and the encouragement is appreciated!

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