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Divination Offerings


1 Hour, Full Tarot Reading on Zoom

Wondering what direction you should take? Are answers lost to you, or do you simply need validation? Let's pull back a mystical veil or two and take a deep dive into life's meanings, emotions, and experiences.


A fabulous tarot reading can manifest so many wondrous things. It allows for deep conversations long neglected because of hectic schedules. If you listen, subtle magic will offer nurturing details, specifically for you

How readings work:

I'd be happy to address any specific questions you may have for the cards, if you'd like, but I have never found it to be required. Share your inquiries before your session or let the cards speak first.

Sessions are generally an 40 minutes to an hour in length. Once you purchase your reading, I will contact you to connect with you via a Zoom meeting link. I try to schedule our meeting as soon as you would like, but due to schedules, it may take up to a week. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

$60 for a one hour reading.

Add On's:

NEW! Wearable Spell Tonic, based on your reading  ($25)


A special, customized tonic based on your tarot reading. I'll work with you to create a subtle, special scent that you can wear daily to remind you of your goals and boost your intentions. Examples: Self-love, courage, luck, and glamour.

Palm Reading  ($10)


Palmistry is a great tool  to realize answers for an individual that they just weren't aware of consciously. Plus, it's just entertaining and fun! Send me a photo of your palm beforehand, as we can discuss during your Tarot reading. 

Birth date Analysis  ($20)

Think some answers may be in the stars? I'll include a summary of your life's underlying lessons, based on when you were born.

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