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Shadow Workshop

Sunday, November 29, 2020 5:30pm-6:30pm PT

Online Group Workshop

What is Shadow Work? Shadow work is a deep and honest examination of aspects of yourself that you want to change. These are usually aspects that you don't like about yourself. (Negativity, jealousy, anger, etc.) I'll guide you through this heartfelt exploration with an exercise or two on how to heal and feel whole, and tools to continue the work on your own. Though this is serious work, I will keep the environment comforting and lighthearted. 

Knowing that, be prepared for an honest group discussion. Also know that it is perfectly fine to determine what level of sharing you are comfortable with. It is also okay to do most of your work mentally and on paper, with little verbal discussion. It is okay to have your camera off. Be respectful of others time and emotions in the group.

Please bring a pen and paper for notetaking. 

Since this is a prepared workshop, a $10 donation is suggested per person, but not required. If you want to attend this event for free, please contact me before registering. :) 


New people are always welcome!

Attention new peoples and introverts! I will be there 10 minutes before start time to greet you and lament about being shy. Or bad with tech. Or both! Come say hi. I grew up painfully shy so I understand. :) 

Once you register below, you will be given a Zoom link to the workshop by email. Thank you!

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