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The Forest Parlour offers two types of events. Both are ongoing and the themes are fluid. Life is more delightful with surprises! 

Online Meetups

Online meetups are free to join. They are a great way to socialize and stay connected. They may take place during a new moon, full moon, or a celebration day such as Mabon or Yule. If you want to feel a little more connected to nature and have a good laugh or two with friends as we celebrate the big and little things of life, this is a great venue for you. Meetup duration: approx. one hour. 


Workshops are more lusciously complex than the casual meetups. These events are structured around spiritual learning and activities, so come with an open mind, heart, and a pen and paper! Subject examples include: Shadow work, loving kindness rituals, chakras, tarot reading, learning spell components. A $10 donation is suggested but not required.

Attention new peoples and introverts! I launch online meetups and workshops 10 minutes before start time to greet you and lament about being shy. Or bad with tech. Or both! Come say hi. I grew up painfully shy so I understand. :) 




Ask the cards for insight &

deeper meanings

Energy Healing

Remote Reiki & Earth energy sessions to promote health & well being

Tarot &  Energy Healing Package

Experience it all! Dive in and gain inner understanding and boost your  well being with a personalized

 energy session.

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