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About me

Jennifer Page

I grew up appreciating the subtle magic of the world around us. Everything is alive, growing, and connected. I love celebrating what it means to be a part of this world and love sharing the connections we all have together. I believe magic is real and that we can create it together. As an artist, the belief strongly influences my creations.


In the past, I’ve had significant successes with energy healing work for others, but it was never a main focus of mine. A car accident resulted in unfortunate daily pain and was not fun. This motivated me to get serious with my exploration of energy healing with the self, which I have never really done before. Looking back, I can only say the accident gave me the gift of this positive direction. And to transmute a situation into something good is probably one of the most blessed experiences we can create.

I’ve completely all three levels of Reiki certification, inspired to become more involved with distance healing techniques, which are very relevant right now. 

I love exploring how to infuse magic, wonder, and healing into your day-to-day life. If this resonates with you, please contact me.

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