Free Online Meetup

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Beltane Meet Up!

Saturday: May 1st, 4pm-5pm Pacific Time

Online Group Meetup

4pm Pacific Time/ 7pm ET

We haven't had a meetup in a while! Let's kick off Beltane with some casual fun. I'll try to conjure some Beltane festivities but it would be great just seeing your faces and hanging out!


As always, these events are casual and are meant, above all else, to be a fun gathering of friends. New people are always welcome! Sign up below so I know you are attending. :)

Attention new peoples and introverts! I will be there 10 minutes before start time to greet you and lament about being shy. Or bad with tech. Or both! Come say hi. I grew up painfully shy so I understand. :) 

Meetup duration: approx. an hour+

Link to join:

Password: forest

Meeting ID: 980 9608 2591


Like these workshops and meetups? Support them with a small donation! (For Zoom Pro costs, supplies, workshop prep, good karma...) The button will take you to my PayPal linked to my throwingglamour email. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: If this is your first time joining a meetup, please sign up to introduce yourself by filling out this form below! If you have done this in the past, you're good! :) 

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