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How to Make Moon Water

You may have heard of moon water.

But what is it? How do you make it? What do you use it for?

Moon water is a simple spell you can do to charge or infuse water under the energy of the moon. Lunar energy focuses on the subconscious and can help be a guide to finding insight into our spirit, higher self, and soul work.

Making moon water is simple. Take some distilled or filtered water and find a glass or clear bottle or bowl. Place your water on a windowsill to absorb the moonlight during the phase of the moon you wish to work with.

The most common phases are the full moon and the new moon.

Full moon water is great for blessings, anointing or dressing candles, or adding extra oomph to future spell work.

New moon water is used for cleansing, new beginnings, and creating that lovely reset vibe to help you just let things go.

If you’d like to incorporate crystals, you can do so by placing them in or near your water. Be mindful of the physical elements of your crystals if you do intend to drink your water. Placing crystals near your water is just fine to add that vibrational push. Use quartz for intuition charging, amethyst for calm and better sleep, rose quartz for emotional healing.

Create your water based on your intention.

Moon water is a simple way to focus your intentions. And with it now you have a physical representation of your focus to work with! You can add your full moon water to a spray bottle to bless the air around you, add new moon water to a ritual bath to clear away unwanted vibes and tendencies, add it to spell work for additional intention, or use it in a magical tea to drink.

Be creative with it and use it as a way to connect nature into your rituals and mindset for extra encouragement as you set out to do the work you need to do to shape your life.

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