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Cast a Love Spell!

You can argue that the love spell is the most popular type of spell there is. The variety of love spells available are staggering. Spells to find love, repair love, attract love, protect love, even discourage or dissolve love are always in high demand.

Some of these spells are very challenging to cast in secret. Many require hair, an article of clothing, or even dirt from the footprint of the person you desire.

Others are just questionable as to whether you would do it. Such as carrying a whole nutmeg under your armpit for 48 hours, grounding it up and then putting it into wine to serve your love to be. (Eww?)

Other spells are easier. Such as pinning some lavender to your underwear to boost your attraction vibe. Write your interest’s name on a piece of paper and place it into a jar of honey, to sweeten their affections toward you.

Or create a sachet of rosemary to satch near your nether region to attract lovers.


Most love spells are encouraged to be performed on a Friday, in honor of Freya and Venus. A new moon is also considered beneficial. Nighttime and twilight in general is a good time to perform a love spell.

Ready to try a love spell? Let’s do it! Let's discuss a spell to simply attract and invite love into your life.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want more love in their life. Whether you just want to welcome more positivity, friendship, attract a love you haven’t met yet, encourage self-love and support, or spark a romance to finally is a spell for you.

Gather a pink or red candle, or use a white one which can be used in place of any colored candle.

Use any of the following components associated with love:

Lemon Balm

Rose petals





As well as:

Rose quartz

Copal resin

Focus your intentions clearly. Light your candle and say:

By this flame, so bright

And flowers' bloom

I invite in love

And attract it soon

Let all aspects be true and right

May love come to me, as I wish tonight

Focus and intention is key. Going forward, visualize and call forward the love you want to attract. Pay attention and look for new signs. Trust that the universe is listening and is working with you as best needed. Also trust your work and don’t create unrealistic expectations. And don’t obsess over the outcome. Because when you do, you add an energetic current that could include fear and doubt. Don't undo your work. Stay positive, and invite love in.

If you’d like, gather your used spell components into a small sachet or bottle to keep your magic with you. And an added specific bonus, you can write down all the qualities you are looking to attract. A kind of wish list to welcome love into your life. Write them all down and then (safely) burn the list to sent your request to the universe.

May you have the best of success with inviting more love into your life. If you do this spell, I’d love to hear the results.

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