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Banish Negativity with...a Simple Egg

When was the last time you cleansed that dirty aura of yours? If you are feeling sluggish, experiencing bad luck, or just have a fine film of negativity clinging to you, a simple egg spell is perfect!

Egg cleansing is nothing new. The practice derives from cultural traditions of Mexico, the Philippines, and Italy, among others. Practitioners know that by rolling an uncooked egg all over your body, the egg will absorb and remove the bad energies that trouble you, improve your health, clean out your neglected chakras, and open doors to opportunities.

Do this ritual when:

  • You are suffering unexpected problems

  • Feeling drained and crabby

  • Find yourself distanced from friends and loved ones

  • Having nightmares and insomnia

  • Feel that your path is blocked

  • Sense the need to remove negativity, curses, or hexes

  • Need a fresh start

Doing an egg cleanse during a waning moon is best but any time of day is fine.

Find a fresh egg (long regarded as a symbol for life) to transfer your unwanted energy to it and throw it away. Use an unrefrigerated egg or one that has warmed to room temperature.

Step One: Take your fresh egg and wash it with salt water. You may also wish to pass the egg through a flame or smoke to cleanse it. Say a short prayer to any higher power you wish. Ask for assistance and blessing. Imagine the egg being touched and blessed by this presence. Or, just dedicate the egg as a receptacle for your purpose.

Added bonus: Light a white, unused candle while you do your work.

Step Two: Using your dominant hand as much as possible, starting with the top of your head and dropping down the center of your body, roll the egg across you like a spiritual lint-remover roller. Make sure to get both arms and legs. If you can, have a friend do the back of your head and down the back of your body. (Don't worry. They won't think this is weird.) Keep visualize the egg as a vacuum, absorbing and removing all that is wrong with you. Be grateful and reverent.

Enjoy the blessing! People have claimed instant relief from fevers, bad moods, and terrible luck. A gracious lightness replaces all negativity.

Now. What to do with that nasty egg?

Crack that sucker open in a glass or bowl of water. Usually, a yolk will sink to the bottom of the water. If it stays in the middle or floats up, this could be a sign that someone has hexed you.

If many bubbles come out around the yolk or if they rise upwards, the negative energy was abundant and you may have been tired, dizzy, and prone to headaches.

If you see any pointy, needle-like shapes, envious people may have through negative energy your way. Cobwebs are also signal that many people are envious of you and do not want you to achieve success.

Red and black spots on the yolk point to illness and disease.

Receivers of the Evil Eye often experience a cloudy or gray egg. Sometimes a black yolk entirely, or many needle shapes and bubbles.

Swirls indicate emotional problems that are damaging relationships.

A white halo on the yolk can point to hasty choices and you should backtrack to correct.

How to dispose of your egg?

Toss the shell in the trash outside. Dispose of the egg innards by flushing them down the toilet, followed by some salt. Or you can throw it into a running stream, or near a tree off of your property. (Neighbors love that.) Whatever you do, you want to get rid of the egg right away.

Do this ritual whenever you feel that negative energy building back up, feel more tired than usual, or when starting a fresh project, career, or endeavor.

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