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Add Magic to Daily Life

I grew up with faeries dancing in my head and a constant need to seek out magic. I think most kids do. As an adult in this busy, crazy-loud world it’s very easy to lose our sense of wonder and connection. All of us can lead a more magical, beautiful life. With a few simple shifts of mindset... You are well on your way. Let’s get magical!

Rekindle your childlike wonder, feel more connected, and add more magic into your daily life.

Here are some ideas:

Create something: You don’t have to be an amazing artist. Understand and appreciate the fundamental concept that you are here. ...You have a thought. You act and create something that wasn’t there before. It is here in this reality, because of you and you alone. Manifesting something into being is no small act. Practice appreciating this. You’re already doing magic.

Connect with nature and the world through your senses: Admire a beautiful sunset. Those colors will never replicate the exact same way again. No moment will. Listen to the birds. Examine leaves, feel the wind, take in the forest smells. You are a part of this and you belong here. Don’t forget to enjoy your favorite food bite by bite. Experience your favorite cozy blanket as if you never touched it before. There is so much joy to be found in our senses. They are how we experience the world. Each moment can never be reclaimed. Don’t let them pass unnoticed because you are thinking about the past or the future. Live in the now. It’s all that is actually real.

Connect with subtle energies: Pay attention to the pull of lunar cycles. Live by the seasons. Long ago, people needed to plan their year around planting, growing, harvesting, and restful seasons. It was so important. If you had a bad harvest based on how you worked with nature, it could end very, very badly. Reconnect with the flow of the world. Use seasons as markers to evaluate how far you’ve come, what you should adjust, and use the energy to keep going. Ask for seasonal blessings. You aren’t a bystander to the seasons, they are a part of you.

Conjure magic in your kitchen: Bless or set a daily intention infused in your morning coffee or tea. What do you want this day to bring? Drink it in.

Don’t have an intention for the day? Divine a little by pulling a daily oracle card. Take in its message and pay attention to how the concept manifests throughout your day. You may find wonderful synchronicities, and ways to focus your outlook differently. Life always gives us lessons, pay attention to how it speaks to you.

Create a sacred space: Watch my video on altars for ideas on where to start, but the basic concept is to create a space around you that reminds you of what is important in life. But a sacred space doesn’t need to be a traditional witchy altar. Create space filled with your favorite books, plants, photos, anything that is important to you that reminds you of who you are and what is important to you in life.

Practice gratitude: Are you ignoring what you have to focus on what you don’t? This neglects the life you actually live. Cultivate and nurture in the present. Write a simple list of things you are truly grateful for. This simple act shifts you into the Now and opens your heart to letting go of unhappy waiting. There is always so much to be grateful for: the ability to use technology. A sunny day or a rainy one. Your comfortable bed. It’s all right there when you look for it.

Change objects with your intentions: Send glamour vibes to your jewelry. Invite love into your life when you light a candle. Send protection vibes to your car. Anything you interact with, you can add your own magical intention to. Focus and awareness go a long way.

Visualize removing unwanted energy when you shower. Water is a powerful cleansing element, in more ways than one! Don’t let bad energy cling to you. Wash it away in a shower or bath. Add lavender, sea salt, rosemary or other protective or energy-cleansing elements.

Call back your energy to you: During the day we give a lot of ourselves and we also take. While you are in bed for the night, go through the mental and emotional exercise of releasing energy that isn’t yours and calling back the energy that is yours to keep and offer again when you wish. Let the day go. This is a simple practice that can lead to better centering of self and better sleep.

I could go on and on but I will leave you with one final thought. LOOK for magic in your life. A positive view always brings positive results. We see magic when we live for it. We attract what we seek. If you are reading this or have watched the video, take it as a sign that living a magical life is meant for you. Everything happens for a reason. Keep going and find the beauty in life that you seek.

It’s out there waiting for you to notice it.

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