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7 or so mushrooms, hand sculpted and painted. Antlers reach about 13 inches across.

Merry Mushroom Crown

$70.00 Regular Price
$65.80Sale Price
  • Sometimes you need a little mischief. This handcrafted crown is perfect for garden tea parties or to don with the declaration that you are off to live with the rabbits and Nature Spirits. Anointed with sandalwood for psychic enhancement, love and friendship as well as rose oil for protection and love. 

    Other details:

    Each mushroom is hand-sclupted and painted for a unique look. Accented by sparkly beads, delicate butterfly wings, and soft vibrant moss. Light-weight faux antlers complete the look! 

    Special note:

    Each crown created is delicate wearable art; unique when created. Please take care of it as it was lovingly crafted with intent and infused with magickal elements. 

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