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9 handcrafted resin points

Approx. front measurements: 5"wide x 3"tall. 

Love & Beauty Crown

  • The woman who wears this crown radiates beauty and love. This elegant crown is handcrafted with 9 resin points; infused with lavendar for traquility,  healing, and fabulous dreams. Rosemary for prosperity, protectionm and strength. Betony for health and a restful mind. And lastly, rose petals for love, glamour, wit, and charm. Small elements of moss are also included for a deeper connection with Nature. 

    Other details:

    A golden, cresent moon is a focal point at the center of this crown, framed with faux gems that sparkle and catch the light. 

    9 resin points

    Approx. front measurements: 5"wide x 3"tall.  

    Special note:

    Each crown created is delicate wearable art; unique with each created. Please take care of it as it was lovingly crafted with intent and infused with magickal elements. 

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