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Created with Jojoba oil, lavendar, rose petals, and rose quartz. 10mL roller bottle with rose quartz crystal roller. 

Glamour, Love, Beauty Oil

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  • Use this beauty serum to promote beauty, glamour, and love. Created with jojoba oil, which is said to be ruled by the moon and the element of water. (So mysterious, intuitive and emotional!) And it is associated with aspects of love, healing, and beauty. This oil mimics our own skin's oil so its perfect for beauty use! Also included are lavender for calming tranquility, rose petals for love, glamour, and wit, as well as rose quartz for those nurturing, warm love vibes. Wear on your pulse points to manifest all these qualities and use as a facial moisturizer!
    Charged lovingly in the full moon light, this bottle has a rose quartz roller ball! 

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