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Victorian Décor :)

Thanks for continuing to support my work!

A large focus, while the weather is getting warmer, is to transform my recently purchased bus into a mobile tarot reading parlour! 🌿🌙✨🔮 I've installed some fancy ceiling tiles. The next step is to decide on a color and paint them.

Also, I created these Victorian curtain tiebacks. If I can ever find authentic ones, (if you're familiar with Victorian 'hands of comfort'), I'd be sure to purchase those! Can you tell I like antiques?

I managed to snag this amazing chair as well! I bought it from a private seller and as I was loading it into my vehicle multiple people commented on it and one guy actually stopped his car in the middle of the road to say as much. (Which I can't say I'd recommend. There was honking in response.)

I plan on painting the exterior of the bus this summer (it's currently white) and before that I'll be really focused on the interior. I enjoy this work so much! Want to support the project? Find my Patreon here and my Amazon Wishlist here. Thank you, thank you!! 🙏🏻

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1 Comment

Angel Leigh McCoy
Angel Leigh McCoy
May 13, 2022

How wonderful and fun! Thanks for sharing the process! <3

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