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Valentines with Love, from Nature

It's easy to agree that Valentine's Day is merely commercialized sentiment. Ah, but you can add so much joy, expression, and personalization with the simple notion of taking a step back from all that noise and making the holiday your own. What do you want it to be?

This year, it's a personal goal of mine to connect more with Nature and the beautiful vibe it has to offer. We aren't here to observe it; we are here to be a part of it. With this mindset, I've been inspired to create Valentines as Nature would. What gifts of love would an enchanted forest offer you? What would that look like? Pure magic.

I'm always inspired to work with natural elements: moss, lichen, stones, acorns, leaves, dried flowers, and even paper crafts. Let your imagination roam wild. As your hot glue gun warms up, arrange your elements upon a store-bought box top to get a sense of composition.

Recycle unused jewelry and trinkets as main focal points to your natural backdrop. With the design above, I hand-sculpted some mushrooms with air-dry clay. You can also layer multiple elements to create depth and detail.

By February, I'm already dreaming of springtime. Flowers and natural crystals compliment each other so well. As an added bonus, you can draw upon the attributes of objects that you select: Roses for love and glamour, lavender for tranquility and peace. Rose Quartz for emotional support and clear quartz to boost it all. Let Nature guide you and encourage you. It's a quiet, subtle energy that reminds us to slow down and nurture ourselves, our relationships, and our environment.

Above all else, have fun with it. Craft and create what your heart leads you to do. Perhaps your love is compared to the depths of the ocean. Play with that theme!

I created this piece below last year when focusing on my spooky, paranormal podcast Odd Tonic. You can find a "haunted forest" vibe with this one:

If there is enough interest, I can create a video tutorial for one of these DIYs. In the meantime, I do plan on launching a shop this year with Nature magic inspired creations. Subscribe to my newsletters for updates! (Find the signup in the website footer.)

If you are interested in commissioning me for a Valentine, feel free to reach out and contact me soon since February 14th will be here quickly!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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