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November: Shadow Work/New Moon Workshop

What is Shadow Work? Shadow work is a deep and honest examination of aspects of yourself that you want to change. These are usually aspects that you don't like about yourself. (Negativity, jealousy, anger, etc.) This month's event is more of a workshop than a meetup, to explore this topic. I'll guide you through this heartfelt exploration with an exercise or two on how to heal and feel more whole, and tools to continue the work on your own. Though this is serious work, I will keep the environment comforting and lighthearted. 

Do you feel there are parts of your personality, or behaviors you have, that you just don't like? That you might even be ashamed of and hate? Don't know where to start to change? Take a deep breath and trust yourself. This isn't as difficult as you think. You can support yourself as well as have the support of a group who understands exactly what it's like.

Sign up for the workshop is here. A donation of $5-$10 is suggested but not required.

Online Group Meetup

5:30 pm Pacific Time/ 8:30pm ET

Questions? Shoot me a note!

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