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Happy Halloween!

I want to wish everyone a safe and spirited Halloween! I've put together a fun collection of my spooky October videos, so you can access them all in one place. Please check out the latest: Halloween Games and Magic Spells! It features traditional activities that specifically suggest you preform them on Halloween night. A perfect way to stay home and keep the holiday ...lively!

Black Cat Oil

Need something to break a bad luck streak or even a hex or curse? How about something for protection, or to attract love? I have something for you to try. Black Cat Oil.

How to Talk with the Dead

Necromancy! It is very much believed that the dead are not bound by mortal limitations and have insight into the past, future, and hidden truths. Do you have something you desperately want to know? You don't need a Ouija Board to get answers. Here are numerous, easy ways to contact the dead and get the answers you seek.

Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard dirt (or dust) is from a graveyard or a specific grave, and is among the most crucial components of many, many spells. Is this used for good or evil? It all depends on what you believe and of course your intent.

The Evil Eye

Is there really such a thing? And whose EYE is it anyway? Grab a protection amulet and let’s discuss this curse and common ways to protect yourself. There's even a personal story from someone who has encountered the evil eye firsthand! This may be more unsettling than you think!

Famous Spell Ingredients

Odds are you've heard of ingredients such as Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog but are they really used as magical components in witches' spells? The answers may surprise you! Or at least give you a weird topic of conversation next time you need one.

I'm always open to content ideas so hit me up with your thoughts anytime! Also, please subscribe. It's frightfully easy and very much supports my work. Thanks so much and stay spooky out there!

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