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Glamour | Love | Beauty Oil

With Valentine's Day coming up, what a perfect time to talk about love and beauty! Do you incorporate magic into your beauty routines? Perhaps this is something to consider with the intent of love, healing, and glamour. I'll walk you through a beauty oil/serum I love to use every day (or night!) that helps keep my skin moisturized and cared for.

The main ingredient is jojoba oil, which is said to be ruled by the moon and the element of water. (So mysterious, intuitive and emotional!) And it is associated with aspects of love, healing, and beauty. This oil mimics our own skin's oil so its perfect for beauty use, especially in those dry winter months!

Also included are lavender for calming tranquility, rose petals for love, glamour, and wit, as well as rose quartz for those nurturing, warm love vibes. Charge this oil in full moon light (remember that jojoba is governed by the moon?) with the intent of beauty and self-care.

FREE SAMPLE INFO: I'm happy to offer a few random free samples of this oil. Please go to the YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video there. I may contact you for your shipping address. (Domestic US and Canada addresses only, please. I am a small individual entity and cannot afford to promise international shipping. Sorry!) Have a lovely Valentine's Day and may your February be filled with love and beauty!

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