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Magical August Updates

Take a dreamy journey with me today!

To clear your head, you have entered a sun-dappled forest, melodious with bird song. As a gentle breeze rustles the leaves, you hope the tranquil scene will ease your furrowed brow.

Lost in thought, you are suddenly overcome by a sense of curious awareness, glowing with warmth and electricity. You look up to discover a wooden gate, weathered by time and mystery. As your eyes peer past the gate door and down the small, winding trail that lies beyond, you know you've discovered something special, something akin to a faery grove or an enchanted garden. Something, daresay...magical.

What experience awaits you down this concealed forest path? Will you chance continuing on to find out?

You open the door latch and, without looking back, venture toward your first extraordinary, entrancing visit to The Forest Parlour.

For years, I've dreamt of creating this magical, welcoming space for spiritual travelers. In the online realm, The Forest Parlour already exists in the form of my website, my Airbnb tarot experience, a YouTube Channel, and Facebook group. Now, I'm shifting from dreaming to creating, with plans to bring The Forest Parlour into an in-person experience for you, your close friends, and loved ones.

I'm very fortunate to possess a pocket of woodland in the Pacific Northwest. There, nestled within the trees, I'm going to create the physical Forest Parlour: An enchanting cottage in which you are offered tarot readings and tea. Or magical activities such as charm and potion creation, while you snack on sugar plums and Turkish delight. Possibilities are endless!

I'm now in the process of designing the cottage. If you are interested in updates on my progress, keep watch on this blog. (Sign up for updates at the bottom of my website!) I'll be sharing all my steps along the way.

I'll also be holding a fundraiser (such as a Kickstarter) in the future, which will have unique and special rewards for your most grateful support. Once built, the cottage will be filled with velvet drapery, antique seating, and the twinkling light of fireflies. I can't wait to invite you in to fill it with good memories and laughter! Lastly, let me leave you with some images I've collected for inspiration. Thank you for dreaming with me!

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