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Drawing Down the Moon

If you feel a special connection to the moon and its lunar energy, drawing down the moon can be a very beautiful and power experience to add to your full moon rituals. As is, the full moon is a magical time filled with allure, mystery, and energy. It's common practice to charge crystals, tools, and create moon water during this time. Consider the following ritual to recharge yourself!

Items needed:


Silver or white candle (new or previously dedicated full moon candle)

Incense of your choosing

Cup or special chalice filled with water

During the full moon, take your items outside or set up an area indoors near a window in view of the silvery moon. You can use an altar or any flat surface to place your candle, glass of water, and bowl of salt on. You can also include any personal items you associate with the moon: a goddess statue, selenite or moonstone, etc. Anything you prefer.

If you wish, cast a circle of protection by standing in place and pointing with your finger, wand, or athame and turning in a clock-wise motion. You will be enclosing your items, altar, and yourself in a protective work area. Envision a magical boundary appearing as you turn. You can say a chant of protection if you'd like such as, "As this circle opens, all negativity is banished. I welcome only that for my greater good and my higher self." When the circle is completed, you may say a phrase such as, "As above, so below. This circle is now open."

Make your ritual personal to you. For example, you can also envision a circle surrounding your entire house if you are indoors.

Your salt represents the element of Earth. You can keep it with you in the circle, or you can now take it and walk the circle with it, or even sprinkle a bit as you go (keeping in mind if salt would be harmful to the ground or not.) Say, "By the power of Earth, this circle is protected." Do the same with your water. Say, "By the power of Water, this circle is protected." With the smoke of your lit incense, declare, "By the power of Air, this circle is protected." And light your candle and say, "By the power of Fire, this circle is protected." (You may work with the elements in any order you wish.)

Return to your altar and gaze up at the moon. You can say a chant of your choosing such as, "Goddess of the Moon, bright and fair, please enter into this circle with me." Envision pure, silver moonlight pouring into your circle and filling it with a loving, positive light. Feel the goddess standing beside you, supportive and powerful. The light shimmers and dances around you.

Hold your glass of water above your head as you face the moon. Picture that same silver light swirling through the water and making it glow. Imagine the light overflowing the glass, feel the energy tingling in your hands, and flowing into you. Then say:

"Goddess of the Moon, fill this glass and bless this water with your energy. Please sustain me with your light through the days to come."

Drink the water and feel the energy coursing through you. Let every cell of your being be touched, renewed, and energized by its light. Envision a silver light from the crown of your head to your tingling toes. Meditate for a moment, marveling how this energy is a part of you and flows through you. Take a moment to be grateful for these gifts and the opportunity to share and experience this world.

Gather this energy into the center of your belly, feeling it's warmth and protection. You will carry this energy here in your center until the next time you draw down the moon. If you feel any excess energy buzzing around you, feel free to sit on the ground and release the energy into the Earth. (Only the excess if needed, not your center energy.)

Feel free to add in any additional ritual you planned for during the full moon.

When finished, walk counterclockwise around your circle, watching it disappear. Thank the goddess before closing your circle. You may also declare, "This circle is closed but it is never broken."

You can let your incense burn down and snuff the candle flame. Take this amazing lunar energy with you for the coming month, with gratitude, a newfound glow, and a positive, blessed heart and spirit.

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