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When I was 12, I pulled my first Tarot card from a deck during a fortune reading at a school Halloween fair. My fortune teller predicted I was to own my own store with quirk and eccentric items. My future customers would be enchanted with its unique and different offerings. Forget the store! Right then and there, I was hooked on the idea of divination and fortune telling. It just has that old world, comfortable aura about the it —an elegant and darkened parlor where the air hints of exotic perfumes and herbs, a card spread illuminated by candlelight. It's romantic and a little forbidden. At the time, I didn't know what Tarot cards were but after that I was going to find out! Adventure!

New to oracle cards? Here's something a little magical and fun, if you are interested in readings or perhaps are just looking for a refreshed daily focus. Pulling a single Tarot card from a deck as an intriguing little way to look at the day ahead, through a magical lens. Don't have a deck? One is just an Amazon click away.

I am usually content to just work with the 22 major arcana cards. They have such a broad range of meanings that they cover a lot of life's basic questions and situations. Decks usually come with an instruction booklet, as well as a card meaning reference, if you want to delve into more complex readings. In addition to that, there are SO many websites out there to teach you. In fact, you can probably find a card generator online to select random cards for you. Whatever appeals to you. I love having a few rare and special possessions so owning a deck speaks to me.

Tarot not your thing? There are some amazing self care decks out there as well. There is even one offering divine wisdom from your dog! :)

How to draw your daily card

Find a moment in the morning. You don't need hours. Just a moment to breathe and center yourself. (If the fire alarm is going off, a garbage truck is backing up, or you left the sink running - this is probably not a good time.) Sit somewhere comfortable and hold the Tarot deck in your hands face-down and then close your eyes. Be aware of yourself, the space around you, the day ahead. Shuffle your cards in any manner you are comfortable with, continuing to be mindful and centered. Normally, I shuffle my cards simply by cutting the deck at a random spot and putting the cards in my right hand under the cards in my left hand. Super simple. But go with what works for you. Wait for the moment where your shuffling task feels completed. The card on top of your deck will be the card of choice. Flip your top card over and see what it is.

Examine the meaning of the card in front of you. If you don't know what it means, take the time to look it up. Try to remember words or phrases that the card represents throughout your day, letting it be a message that guides you.

It isn't uncommon for me to have the same card for multiple days (even though I re-shuffle each time) or that I have reoccurring themes and patterns. I find that encouraging. It means (to me) that my focus is clear and I am a on a path.

Have fun and explore if this daily divination speaks to you! Feel free to share your experiences or different techniques you use. I'd love to hear your experiences with Tarot or other oracle cards!

As far as my first Tarot reading goes, I've owned an Etsy shop for a few years now. I sell everything from art to trinkets and spells, mermaid tails, and wearable bird skull masks. One could say the prediction came true. :)

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