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Creating a Magical Altar

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Curious about creating an altar for yourself but don't know where to start? Yearning for a sacred space? Too often, this busy loud world makes us feel as if we shouldn't take up space. That we will be "in the way" or an inconvenience. Altars remind us that we DO belong. We do exist and we have the right to connect with the wonders that resonate with us. Shape the world around you. Make a sacred space, just for you. Whether your a baby witch or just needs some inspiration, here's a quick guide to what to consider when making a magical space just for you.

So, let’s talk about altars. This can be a mysterious, confusing, and even intimidating topic. First, you may not know where to start with creating an altar for yourself or why you would even do it.

Do you have the room? Do you need to buy expensive sacred objects? Will friends stop talking to you the second they see a small to medium-sized sacrificed on your coffee table?


Let’s back up a second. Altars aren’t large necessarily ornate, heavy marble slabs covered in stolen artifacts from the past. Though that may be cool.

An altar is simply a personal space that you create ...for you. This is a space to place objects that you have a personal connection with, to invoke a chosen vibe, to connect you with the world or energy around you and within you.

Where to start: Are you drawn to the ocean? Gather shells, sea glass, mermaids or other items that remind you of how you feel about the ocean and the element of water. If you are more of a forest child, collect leaves or place your favorite plant nearby. A rock from a special hike. Acorns, flowers, herbs and essential oils.

It is all about, creating a sacred space for you to visit and be still near. Where you can focus your energies, meditate, or do spell work.

Your altar may change with the season. Flowers in the spring, greenery in summer, a riot of leaves in autumn, and holly and mistletoe in the winter.

Gather items that have significance to what is important to you. Place a bell if you like to clear your aura and reset. Add crystals and herbs that speak to you such as tigers eye for good luck and dispelling fears. Lavender happiness and love. Birch leaves and bark for healing and fertility. Have a safe item to burn these herbs or incense in. And yes, if you chose to do so, you can add items that represent a deity you wish to work with. And don’t forget the candles.

Combine all these things to create a special place, just for you. Now where to put it?

Altars do not have to be that big. You can place one on an end table or a spot on your dresser. I happen to have one on one side of my vanity at the moment but for years it was on a lower bookshelf so that I could sit in front of it. And don't limit yourself to just inside spaces. Your garden or yard may be the perfect place for you. And if you have even less space than that, I have made pocket altars to take with me and use when I need it. Great for a bit of calm at work, or to take it travelling with you.

So if you feel the need for a sense of grounding, of a reminder of what is important to you and what you want to connect with, or have elements you want to manifest into your life, consider creating an altar for yourself. A sacred space, all your own.

I would love to see what you create for yourself. Feel free to reach out and share photos of your altar with me. And also reach out anytime if you have questions on this subject. I love discussions like these.

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