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Bad Habits/Negativity Removal Bath

Sometimes we feel as if negative energy is clinging to us. Other times, we can recognize that we are generating our own bad moods, vibes, and behaviors. If you feel the need to remove something on a spiritual level, there are simple and effect ways to do so. You may even get to relax while you do it!

Cleansing Your Space

First, start with clearing the environment around you. Your home is where you dwell and accumulate the most energy. Negative energy loves to settle into the corners (and into clutter too so keep things tidy if you can)! Burn incense or a smudge stick. Lavender sticks are great for cleansing as well as psychic protection, cedar for removing negative energy and bringing in good influences, rosemary is a powerful cleanser for your home and yourself, and juniper is lovely for purification and renewal of the mind and body. If you don't like or have an aversion to smoke, grab a bell and ring it! As you do so, making a sweeping counter-clockwise circle with the arm you are holding it with. Do you have a singing bowl? You can use that as well. Or you can use a cleansing spray to spritz the air. (See my article/video on moon water.)

Draw a Warm Bath

If you are feeling the need for extra support: bring plants, candles, or crystals into your bathroom. Get that cozy mood lighting going! Support. Your. Ritual. There are no wrong answers. This if for you, created by you.

As you draw your bath, add some of the following elements that speak to you:

  • Sea Salt

  • Epsom Salt

  • Rosemary leaf or essential oil

  • Bay Leaf

  • Frankincense essential oil

  • Lavender flowers or essential oil

  • Lemongrass essential oil

Before getting into the tub, stir the water counter-clockwise, envisioning that you are infusing the water with cleansing, healing energy.

When you get into the water, lean back and relax. Enjoy this warm, comforting bath. Visualize and physically feel the water drawing out the negative energy. Inhale the fragrant steam. Do this while mentally reciting affirmations, such as:

  • "I am happy. I am well. I am safe. I am at peace."

  • "I control my energy and I invite in everything positive that will serve me."

Feel free to create your own statements. Again, this is for you.

Fully enjoy this time in comforting bath. When you feel the negative energy is gone, then you are done. Trust in yourself. Thank the water for helping you remove the unwanted negativity and aspects of it. If there are any leaves or flowers to remove, do so to not clog your drain, and pull that plug. Let the water wash down the drain and quickly rinse off the bath water from yourself in the shower.

You may feel a little drained yourself after your bath. Listen to music, read a good book, or watch a favorite positive movie to continue the self-care. Drink lots of water and have a light snack as you do so.

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