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7 Crystals to Boost your Psychic Ablitities

Many people believe their psychic gifts are defined by what they already were given; no returns or exchanges. Not true! Like any talent the more attention, effort, and focus you give it the more it will enhance.

To aid you along, here are 7 different crystals known for their beneficial frequencies to boost your psychic skills.


Not only is Clear Quartz the "master healer" power stone crystal, it will amplify psychic energy and thought. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Quartz crystals can raise energy to the highest possible level and it's extremely beneficial for manifesting, meditation, protection and channeling. It is very useful with the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision, and can be used to communicate with spirits. It also boosts other crystals' energy so keep it around the rest of your collection!


Sugilite, with its vibrant violet color, helps to boost energy and activate the third eye and crown chakra. It helps in the development of spiritual and psychic gifts such as automatic writing. Its frequency encourages us to live from our truth and reminds our soul the reasons for being. It also encourages positive thoughts and brings light into any dark situation or mood.


Highly mystical and magical, this beautiful stone assists in awakening psychic abilities. A great tool to boost intuition, it can be used by placing it onto the third eye chakra (between the brows) which could help you deepen your meditation, connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides, and animals guides in a profound way. It gives faith in self and trust in universe. It is a stone of transformation and can bring your dreams into reality.


Celestite has a strong yet gentle energy that stimulates spiritual and psychic gifts. It can aid you in communication with guides and angels as well as help with mental clarity. Through this, you can awaken your awareness of other realms of existence. By placing a stone on your third eye chakra before you go to sleep or meditate, it will help connect you to the spiritual realm with clearer vision and help you remember your dreams in more vivid detail.


Another fabulous violet stone, this high vibration crystal works with you on many a mental level, helping you to develop psychic gifts, intuition, and spiritual wisdom. Keep it near your bedside to aid in better sleep and dreaming.


This lovely light blue crystal calms the mind. It opens you up to clairvoyance and strengthens communications with the higher planes. Dive into this sea blue stone for better intuitive abilities!


Not only a graceful classic in the stone community, this iridescent marvel also enhances intuitive awareness and psychic visions! Are you an empath? Opal is known to boost clairsentience. It helps you feel more clearly. Gather psychic impressions through feelings, emotions, or even physical sensations.

These are just a few crystals that can aid you along in your discovery to become more deeply in tuned with yourself and the world we live in. There are many others to discover on your own. Keep an eye out for purple or blue crystals and stones. Those are often associated with the spiritual chakras of the crown, third eye, and throat. Enjoy your journey and stay curious!

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