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Ready to book an online/video tarot reading with me? It's super easy to book with me through Airbnb Experiences!

Ready to book an online/video psychic medium reading with me?
Connect  with me through Airbnb Experiences!

Energy Healing, Psychic Medium, and Tarot

Sometimes We Need a Reset

Welcome to the Forest Parlour. Life is full of magic waiting to be discovered: The smell of cinnamon. A blazing prism of sunlight. Sea foam, robin eggs, and the silver moon... 


But in this loud and busy world, we can lose touch with our sense of wonderment. It becomes difficult to even know yourself.

Sometimes being lost is the perfect opportunity to stumble upon a hidden and enchanted path. In each of us is a spark that makes us unique. In each moment, awaits discovery to ignite our spirit; to remind you who you are and that you are part of a greater whole.


Magic is real and all around us. Cultivate this so you are never lost again. 

Remember your magic.





Ask the cards for

insight, validation,

and inspiration.

Energy Healing

Remote Reiki & Earth energy sessions to promote health & well being.

Tarot &  Energy

Healing Package

Dive in and gain inner understanding and boost

your  well being with a

personalized energy session.


Medium/Spirit Reading

Connect with a passed 

loved one with a psychic

medium reading.


"I struggle with lower back pain that some days, is so intense that it disrupts my functionality. During a time when I can't get to a chiropractor, I needed an alternative way to find relief. After a few remote sessions with Jennifer, I had noticeable difference in not only my pain but my overall mood and energy level. It truly made a difference, and I thank you!" - Shawn

"A little over twenty years ago, I was a bright-eyed young soldier going through basic training at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. One chilly winter morning, I was one of several people setting up a rifle range for that day’s shooting exercises. A couple of us had been assigned to drag the covers off of the foxholes, which we were almost done with when my foot slipped on the frosty ground and I went tumbling into one of them, spraining my ankle and wrenching the hell out of my lower back. Gritting my teeth and downing ibuprofen like candy, I not only made it through that day with fire blazing in my back every time I even thought about moving, I made it through the rest of basic training. I was so close to graduation that nothing would hold me back. Certainly not a minor back injury, right? Wrong. I’ve had issues with it ever since. Massages, chiropractic adjustments, stretches, yoga… I’ve tried many solutions with varying results. Then Jennifer came along with her Reiki healing and oh. My. God. I could move freely again and I was the most pain free I had been since forever. After a short conversation with Jennifer about some of the issues I was having, I felt this warm rush of energy course through me, leaving relaxed muscles and a sense of peace in its wake. Jennifer was amazing and I am truly grateful for her help. Thank you, Jennifer!" – Marie S.

"Where a thought goes, energy flows..." Never a truer word spoken! My wife suffers from anxiety and the pandemic only increased her attacks. Jennifer did an amazing job at distance healing, helping my wife to ground herself and ease her emotions through distance Reiki. The energy was felt strongly, scent was detected by my wife and her sense of calm and feeling centered, just blossomed. We can't thank you enough for such help. Jennifer even provided follow up notes to the session and insights into my wife's personality: Amazing! "– K

"Really enjoyed and got a lot out of this reading. Jennifer was patient and thoughtful, taking the time to really look deeply for her observations of the cards. I found the experience to be soothing and motivational. Definitely exactly what I needed! Would definitely come back for another reading or mix it up with some energy work." – Nichole

"I received a tarot and palm reading from Jennifer, the amount of details she mentioned about me were shockingly accurate, so much so there was a lump in my throat while reading it. The reading in general was very informative and well written. This was a first for me, and I am quite impressed. I genuinely thank you." – M

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